Our Pink Unicorn Ruby Hot Chocolate boxes make the perfect Christmas eve or stocking filler.

Each black box has 6 beautiful glass like test tubes which contain:

1. Pink Nesquik
2. Marshmallows
3. Ruby Chocolate Chips
4. Rainbow Sprinkles
5. Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the ground - this is extra special it contains oats, sprinkles and biodegradable glitter (eco friendly)
6. Biodegradable snow confetti which truly mimics real snow.  When your child sprinkles the Reindeer food they can also make it snow.  


The snow is water soluble and will dissolve upon contact with water.


Finally the box also contains two small candy canes, the perfect combination for Christmas Eve.

This truly is a special little box.


Unicorn Ruby Hot Chocolate Box Christmas Stocking Filler





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