It's all about Ruby!

Ruby was one of my top five girls names when we had our daughter; unfortunately it was not on my husbands list. Fast forward four years later, imagine my surprise and delight when Ruby Chocolate was announced, we were a flurry of exciting ideas, but when would it come to the UK? When would be be able to try and create with Ruby ourselves?

Fast forward another year and thankfully this divine invention has graced our shores and this pretty pink, truly scrumptious chocolate was well beyond our expectations.

Now Ruby is part of our family, just not in the original way I had anticipated.

There are so many ways Ruby Chocolate can be incorporated into our lives; we are on an exciting exploration to experiment and and share our journey with you. From baking, to decorating as well as chocolate making, we hope Ruby will be part of your life as it is now firmly ingrained into ours!





Ruby Chocolate:

Craigend Road, Stow,

The Scottish Borders


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