Ruby Cocoa Bean

Introducing Ruby Chocolate; the most exciting Chocolate discovery since White Chocolate was introduced 80 years ago.

This wonderful new discovery is created from the Ruby Cocoa Bean, the founders have used a special process to unlock it's unique colour and flavour.  Its' flavour has been described as an 'intense fruity flavour with fresh sour notes' and an 'Intense sensory delight'.    


Ruby Chocolate is a completely natural chocolate with no colourants or fruity flavours added.

Chocolatier and recent winner of the Global Medal for International Chocolate Awards David Maenhout noted 'It's amazing how Ruby pairs with ingredients such as Rose Champagne, Beers as well as savoy ingredients'.


The beauty is that it will tie in with champagne and sparkling wine; in the past this need has been unmet and Ruby Chocolate will certainly change this.

This is exciting new discovery is set to make waves in the chocolate industry and we hope you love it as much as we do!




Ruby Chocolate:

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The Scottish Borders


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